Monday, 3 September 2018

8 Useful Plumbing Hacks

Actually, in any office, one of the necessities that cannot be avoided is pipe connections. This may include sewerage,water and gas. Mostly, these piped connections may sometimes be prone to failing. To secure oneself from this failure menace that may arise, below are useful tips that may come handy during the plumbing exercise.

For a start we will put our focus on the water piped connections. In Singapore, water pipes are probably the most common piped connections in use. Every house needs a sufficient and constant water supply for use in the sinks, kitchen, washrooms and many other places.

1. First people must avoid at all costs the behaviour of pouring food wastes and any other form of solid items at the kitchenette sinks. This prevents sinks from experiencing blockage, clogging and also accumulation of unclean water. But in the case sink clogging occurs, chemicals that are used to clear up the mess should be avoided and a drain snake used to unclog the sink. If at all this method does not work, one can use the shop vacuum which usually helps in sucking out all of the solid clog stuck in the sink drain.

Once the drain has been cleared, one should pour out hot clean water in the sink drain to completely clean the pipe of whatever debris which may have remained. In the case one has a sink that is of the P trap model, one should simply get it out that is the p trap and thorough clean out the clogged debris or any other solid wastes trapped in them and and then fix it back. One should not be paranoid concerning fixing a sink as its not a hard task.

2. Every toilet bowl should be properly sealed to avoid leakages hence at the long run avoid unnecessary water bills. One should check on the taps in the kitchen sinks to ensure that they are not dripping as even a single drop in the long run makes gallons of water go to waste. In most cases leakages occur at the thread where two or more pipes have been joined. To avoid this a sealing compound may be used. In the case where a sealing compound may be inaccessible, the threading tape which serves the same purpose may be used.

3. At the bathrooms, the shower heads may at times also drip. Usually if this occurs, one simply detaches the showerhead then rolls over some tape in an anticlockwise manner round the threads as this is where most of the dripping occurs due to poor connections in the threads. This will make the water connections to become tight and thus the issue brought about with the leak will actually stop. In other scenarios, shower heads may clog due to the presence of solid materials in the water including deposits of minerals that maybe found inside the water. To address this problem, take out the shower head and use some hot water or also vinegar to clean it. A soft brush is normally used to scratch it to make sure that it is properly cleaned.

4. One of the most important factors to ensure durability of an item is by maintaining it so as to ensure of a long life span. For the toilet bowl to last for a longer time, try must be maintained well. When the pipes have rusted they must be replaced with new pipes. Below our kitchen sinks pipes down there usually grow old and rust faster. In the case one has troubles in the loosening of an aged pipe, one should try to use the pipe wrench. If it does not work then one should use some heat to make the pipe dope loose.

5.To ensure effectiveness in the plumbing at Singapore, one should purchase and fix a necessary pipes for specific functions. For example,in a washroom that uses warm water a plastic PVC pipe can't be installed. Also getting the correct size of the pipe one needs for the plumbing job to be done is a must. Ensure you check out on parameters which include the needed carrying capacity of the pipes and also the personal pipe specifications.

One should not buy very large pipes in the terms of the diameter dimensions as in many cases, spaces where the pipes are normally installed in the office are normally small. One should avoid at all cost having too many joined places in the piped network as the more they are, the more the possibility of the presence of leaks. The pipes should be as gentle and straight as possible.

6. Another plumbing must have is the shut off valve as it helps in convenience and comfortability. This valves uses the principle where one does not have to shut off the whole supply so as to fix one area of the house.

7. It is very crucial for one to have knowledge on where the shut off points are located at and also the main switch are located at. This makes it very easy to control the water supply in the event of a major leak in the house. It also enables the most appropriate solution be found with no or very minimal wastage of water.

8. Another important tip will be on how to notice upcoming issues within your piping system. In many cases whenever there are leakages on the piping system passing on top of the ceiling, the ceiling turns to color brown because of the rust that comes from it. In some other cases when the leaking water drips on the walls, paint found on this walls may at times start to peel off. The house may at times produce a certain stench and this evidently shows that there is an underlying problem with the kitchen sink or even the toilet drain.

In other instances the bathroom may have a problem in its drain and hence it brings about the problem of accumulating of water on the bathroom floor.

The toilet too might have some problem in its flushing hence leading to dirty water in the bowl and this shows the problem comes from its drain. This can be solved by using the right-sized toilet bowl.