Friday, 22 June 2018

Qualification For The Right Plumber

Your home is your sanctuary, a place of comfort and harmony. Other than this, it is also your gem and the most valuable asset that you have to service and love dearly. For your home to remain a sanctuary you have always hoped for, your plumbing needs to be well serviced every now and then. This is due to the fact that plumbing is a mechanical system that is subject to eventual failure. When it fails you need to choose a plumber in the right way possible. Not choosing the right plumber is just like adding salt to a very painful injury, which will cause more problems with your plumbing system. 

Well, have you been wondering which plumber to call when your plumbing system fails? Don’t be worried anymore. The right plumber for you is no other than with the following qualifications.

Verify Trust

Isn't it awkward to invite a stranger to your home with your valuables and children and everything indoors to fix your home? How do you ensure that your home is safe when the plumber comes in to service your plumbing system? As much as it sounds crazy, the solution is simple. Trust is everything you need to let a stranger into your home and even leave him/her alone working on plumbing problem as you carry out your daily chores. Imagine that you are out of your home for a romantic weekend and you receive an emergency call from your neighbor claiming of a plumbing system problem with sewage leaking at your home! Will you leave your long-planned weekend and rash to your home to supervise a plumber rectify the plumbing system? No. A trusted plumber is all you need. To get one, ensure that you have a local trusted plumber that you have met before, interviewed, welcomed him/her to your home and of course inquired his/her reliability from other homeowners that the chosen plumber has their homes serviced before.

Education Requirement

Every profession has an education requirement that forms its backbone. Technical professions such as engineering and plumbing require a deep understanding of rules and principles employed in carrying out different tasks at different locations with varied conditions. Education for plumbers ensures that every plumber is equipped with the right knowledge in both theory and practice to enable him/ her carry tasks associated with the plumbing discipline effectively. A college education such as a certificate, diploma or degree is mostly required in every profession. However, in Singapore, to be a plumber one needs to possess a Builders certificate or Advanced Certificate in Plumbing & Pipefitting or Trade Diploma in Plumbing Technology or Nitec Certificate in Facility Technology

Insurance Cover

Plumbing is a mechanical task making it a risky job susceptible to accidents and damages as the plumber proceeds with his job. Sometimes, the plumber suffers minor injuries such as bruises requiring not much attention, as first aid will definitely do the job. At other times, there are huge damages to plumbing system during servicing which will require more costly to repair or even sometimes replace part of the system. 

Major injuries on the plumber such as deep cuts will attract higher hospital bills, which requires expensive medical treatment. Insurance cover comes in handy to cover medical expenses on the side of the plumber in case of major injuries and also compensation for noticeable damages caused by a plumber in the process of fixing a plumbing system in a home. How do you feel knowing that you are not liable for any accidents and damages caused by the plumber in the cause of his/her operation? 

That’s the beauty of employing a plumber with an insurance cover.

Plumbing Charges

In every service, there's always a fee incurred to keep every service provider in the business. Keep in mind that most of the times cheap is considered to be expensive. Cost against quality is the best principle in choosing the right plumber for you. The price that a plumber charge is very important and every aspect of it needs to be explored in choosing the right plumber for you. It is better to use a plumber from a company that uses "flat rate" pricing system. This system means the plumber will come to your home, look at and diagnose plumbing problem and then quote you a price from a printed menu. A plumber that employs the highest workmanship in his job is the best option and worth going for even if sometimes the price might be a bit high but they say sometimes you have to spend more to get more. 

Valid License

A licensing body that awards and verifies licenses to the deserving professionals in that particular discipline governs every profession. Plumbers are no exception. In Singapore, there has been a new licensing scheme effected on April 1, 2018, which requires all plumbers to be PUB Licensed Plumbers and also registered with Singapore Plumbing Society.
Make no mistake in checking your chosen plumber to ensure that he/she is, in fact, a licensed plumbing practitioner because in this era and age, there are many quacks in every sector of our economy posing themselves as someone they are not.

Reputation cross-check

Everybody has got a past either desirable or undesirable. In choosing the plumber to fix your home, you need to do at least a background check through every legal means possible such as checking employee record with the company he/she has worked for who will give detailed information about the plumber in question and recommendations about his reputation. One can also call or visit in person to have a face-to-face conversation with the plumber’s previous customers. Plumber previous customers will give an overview of the service they have received from the plumber in question and even sometimes give a rating for their services. Plumber fellow employee is another rich and primary source of information that one needs to consider in finding more about the plumber before welcoming him/her to your home. 

I have no doubt that if you consider the things mentioned above in choosing your plumber, am certain that you will get the best outcome and maintain your home as a sanctuary to live in it and enjoy with your family and friends as long as you live.