Wednesday, 13 April 2016

7 Traits Of A Reliable Plumber

If you are in Singapore and need the services of a plumber, it is advisable to carry out research and avoid settling for just anybody who offers these services. This helps you avoid hiring bogus plumbers who may cause more damage your plumbing system rather than repairing it. To receive quality plumbing services, it is always advisable to hire professional plumbers who are reliable.

Why should you hire reliable plumbers?

One of the essential traits for excellent plumbers is their reliability. Who is a reliable plumber? A reliable plumber is one who you can count on in case of a plumbing emergency. In addition, a reliable plumber has adequate skills to carry out all plumbing jobs in the simplest ways.

As you know, plumbing jobs are very delicate and should be performed with utmost professionalism. Therefore, hiring a professional and reliable plumber should always be your primary objective if you are looking for quality plumbing services in Singapore.

What are the traits of a reliable plumber?

Below are 7 traits of a reliable plumber which you should look out for when hiring one

1. He or she isn’t afraid to show off his or her level of education, qualifications and experience. 
It is common knowledge that qualified, educated and trained plumbers are more reliable to fix all plumbing problems as compared to those who have never studied the course. Furthermore, they have vase experience in plumbing and are capable to tackle plumbing problems without difficulty. A plumber who has been certified by reputable institution will always show professionalism, enthusiasm and seriousness in this field. In addition, he or she will not hesitate to show off his or her credentials to the employer.

2. Offers Service warranty
This is another trait that you should look out for when searching for a reliable plumber. Reliable plumbers will always offer reasonable service warranty for their job as they are sure about the quality of services they are offering. In case a problem emerges, these plumbers will always be available to rectify the problem at their own cost as agreed under the warranty claim. If the plumber is not willing to offer you warranty for his or her service, this is a clear indication that he or she is not reliable and may fail to avail him or herself in case a problem emerges.

3. Punctuality
To find out whether the plumber is reliable or not, you should check his or her punctuality. Arrange a meeting at your home and let him or her decide on the time you should meet. A reliable plumber will give you the precise time he or she will be come, and will always be on time. In case of any unforeseen circumstances that may cause a delay, he or she will call you in advance to reschedule the meeting time and give you valid reasons for not showing up on the agreed time. This is a trait not only show that the plumber is reliable, but he or she also respects your time. On the other hand, unreliable plumbers are hesitant to give you the exact time they will avail themselves. They will always run late and never offer valid reasons for delaying.

4. A reliable plumber will always arrive prepared
A plumber who carries all his or her tools to work is the more reliable than one who carries specific tools to do specific jobs. This trait shows the plumber is always prepared to tackle unforeseen problems. As you know, plumbing is a very delicate job and there are high chances that complications might occur when doing it. Therefore, a reliable plumber should always be prepared with the appropriate tools to tackle such problems. He or she should never make up excuses as to why he was not able to rectify the problem. But, if the problem is beyond his or her expertise, he should not hesitate to inform you . However, failure to carry the appropriate tools should never be an excuse.

5. Availability 
The plumber’s availability is a sure way to measure his or her reliability. In case of a broken pipe or any other plumbing repair that needs immediate attention, the reliable plumber should always be available to solve that problem. For that reason, one crucial trait for a reliable plumber should be his or her availability during emergency situations.

6. A reliable plumber should be able to provide clear and precise estimates
A reliable plumber should be able to provide clear and precise estimates of the materials he or she requires to do a specific job. The plumber should come up with a detailed quote of all the materials he or she needs plus it cost. In the quote, he or she should include the labor charges. In addition, the plumber should also explain his or her overrun costs and how he or she plans to bill any extra time and materials needed to complete the job.

7. Should be open and ready to answers any questions you may have
A reliable plumber should be free, open and ready to answer all questions that you may have. The plumber should be able to explain about the methods he or she plans to use to tackle plumbing problems and the time he or she might take to complete the job. In a nutshell, a reliable plumber should always be open to discus plumbing repair options with you.

Well, those are the seven traits to look out for when hiring a reliable plumber. With those traits at your finger tip, you are sure that you will not only hire a professional plumber but also one who is reliable.

As I sum up, it is important carry out extensive research for the most reliable plumber to hire before settling for one. You should ask for referrals, research online and look at different reviews posted on the plumbers’ websites. With that information, you will have narrowed down your list and it will be easier for you to look at their individual traits. Well, that is all there is to know about hiring reliable plumber. I hope the information has being of great use.