Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Basic Tips On Office Plumbing Service

Commercial buildings use a lot of water. People go to the office every other day of the week that definitely is not a weekend or a public holiday in Singapore. Since the frequent use of water in the office puts a demand on the plumbing system, it is important that the system is well maintained to ensure optimum function.

Your average office has everything from a kitchen to several washrooms. This can be on multiple levels in case of office blocks in big cities like Singapore. For the office to be efficient there must be minimum expenditure on such amenities like water and lighting without compromising on comfort and hygiene. This is where professional office plumbing comes in.

There are several benefits that offices in Singapore can get from enlisting professional plumbers to undertake tasks as they arise. These benefits include.

Making the office water efficient.

Water efficiency plays an important part in increasing revenue for an office. When you use less water, you pay smaller bills and therefore save a lot of money that can be put back into the business. A water efficient business or office also leaves lesser carbon foot prints in the environment that therefore is eco-friendly. There are various ways that an office can be water efficient and therefore earn green certifications. By evaluating the plumbing and fixtures in washrooms and kitchen a plumbing service provider can be able to chart a road-map towards making the office more water saving.

Some of the steps your plumber will take to ensure that your office plumbing is water efficient include;

· Fixing leaking taps and washers that can waste up to 200 liters a day.

· Installing dual-flush water closets or toilets that use half the amount of water that would be used by a conventional toilet.

· Installation of water collection and storage systems to utilize all the water that goes down the drain during storms. This water can be treated and used in the office for cleaning the office areas and transportation of waste from the toilet that is; flushing.

· Maintenance of the piping systems to ensure that there is no clogging or bursts. Bursts mostly go unnoticed and may contribute to huge amounts of wastage.

· Installation of eco-friendly and water saving plumbing appliances like lever taps that help save energy and increase office water efficiency.

Smart water use is not something to be implemented entirely by the plumber; in fact, the office staff contributes more towards saving water in the office because they are the users of the water. Here are some measures the work force can take to ensure the office is water efficient;

· Never leave taps running after using them. This also goes for flushing the toilet twice or unnecessarily.

· Inform and educate your staff about the merits of water conservation. Hold discussions on what can be done and do a progress check every now and then to encourage good use of water.

· Encourage the staff to use the dish washer when it is full. This saves both energy and water.

· Encourage staff to clean using buckets rather than running water whenever possible.

Maintenance of office plumbing.
A Singapore office plumbing service provider will keep the plumbing system in the office working well by doing regular inspections. Early detection of malfunctioning parts in the plumbing system allows for the problem to be addressed before it goes out of hand. This will significantly reduce the cost of replacing and repairing pipes, joints, heaters and other parts if they would otherwise have been left unattended to.

Proper maintenance will ensure that there is less damage in the office that could come from burst pipes, leaking water storage. This also significantly reduces accidents and disasters like fires that may originate from gas leaks in the office.

Replacement and repair of damaged parts.
Old pipes and other plumbing fixtures may give in after years of use and lack of maintenance. It may require professional office plumbing services to ensure that they are restored to their functional state. There is the possibility of plumbing getting damaged during disasters like earthquakes and tremors. These require repairs and replacement.

A professional plumber may carry out and audit of the plumbing system and recommend repairs and replacement in the event the office space is being let out to another tenant.

The office or business building may also require a face-lift or renovation to adopt new office plans or create more space. This may require piping and drainage systems to be redesigned to complement the new plans. For this to work without posing possible risk to staff in future, it is wise to involve professional plumbers.

There are various factors that you should consider before you can bring a plumber on board to handle your plumbing needs. These factors will not only ensure that you get valued for money and satisfactory service but also guarantee that you do not incur avoidable costs in the future. Some of these include;

Consider whether the plumber has a workman compensation cover for his team. This should be presented to you for verification of validity. In the event there is an accident and a technician gets injured in your premises, the plumbers insurance should be able to take care of it.

Ensure that your plumber is duly licensed and certified to provide his services by all the relevant bodies in Singapore.

Ensure that you are enlisting professionals to handle your plumbing needs. You can tell a lot about the level professionalism by asking questions and being keen on the way the prospective plumber will answer you. How much information are they providing about themselves? Are they good communicators? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when considering a plumber for their services.

Check the quality of fittings that they propose to use for repairs. Do not go for substandard fixtures even if they are cheap.

A good plumbing service provider will always have the interests of the client above everything else. If your plumber is only keen on getting a contract and making money, do not give them the privilege of working for you, the best plumber is always out there.