Friday, 25 September 2015

How To Fix Toilet Choke For Your Home?

How To Fix Toilet Choke For Your Home?

 Toilet choke can be a common and embarrassing problem. Many households in Singapore encounter with this problem. Kids may throw all kinds of items in to the toilet bowl, which leads to a toilet choke. If the problem is very severe, you need the help of a professional plumber. But, if the problem is mild, you can fix it by adopting some simple steps. A drain choke can occur in any of the pipes, which carry wastes out of your home. As a result, toilet bowls, sinks, tubs and shower basins can be affected by a choke. But, the cause of each type of choke is different. So, you need to review them individually to fix the problem.

Sink Choke

Most homes in Singapore have several sinks in bathroom except the sinks in the kitchen. But, the sinks in your bathrooms can be clogged commonly due to the soap residue, accumulation of hair in the drain and even grease from your hands. Common cause of a drain choke in your kitchen is the grease coupled with food wastes. Foreign items can also clog all drains throughout your house. These items are washed down to the drain by mistake. But, if the choke develops slowly over time, it may not be caused by a foreign object.

Toilet Bowl Choke

If your toilet bowl is choked, it can be detected from a number of signs. When you try to flush large amount of waste or debris down the toilet, it may start backing up. Sometimes, water may spill out of the bowl. The toilet bowl may slow to evacuate when flushed, which is the other sign of toilet bowl choke. This is the sign of drain choke. This type of choke develops more slowly over time. Toilet bowl and drain choke can be caused by a large amount of human waste or toilet paper being flushed away. Women products or other items can also be flushed down the toilet drain.

Bathroom Pipe Choke

There are drains in your bathtub basin and shower. Drain choke in this area will also develop slowly. Mostly, a choke will be developed in these pipes due to soap residue, grease and hair being washed down the drain. These elements may form a hairball over time and it will gradually grow larger. If the water takes a few minutes more to drain than usual, it can be because of bathroom pipe choke. If the problem is very severe, it will take hours to drain out the water fully.

Methods to Solve Bathroom or Toilet Choke

Most home owners in Singapore prefer to resolve the issue on their own due to a number of reasons. Lots of people in Singapore feel embarrassment to call a plumber and clean away a drain choke in their toilet or shower. Some others simply prefer to do it their own for saving some money.

You can solve most toilet bowl choke by using a plunger. If the clog is severe, you need to plunge the toilet bowl several times to get the best results. Plunging is an effective solution for most types of toilet chokes. A snake is effective for solving bathroom, shower, tub and kitchen sink drain chokes. You should straighten out a wire hanger and it should be run down the drain. It helps to loosen or pull the clog up. The following are the steps involved in a plunging.

• Stop filling up toilet bowl
• Get the right plunger
• Make the Plunger ready for the job
• Plunge correctly
• Add dishwasher detergent and hot water

If the plunger is not effective to remove the choke, you can snake your toilet. Snake device can be purchased from hardware stores. Snaking helps to pull up the clog or loosen it, so the waste can be flushed out. The water level in the toilet bowl will decrease if snaking is effective. Generally, these efforts are very fast, easy and effective to remove most clogs. But, if these methods are not effective to remove choke, you need the assistance of a professional plumber. You should also hire a professional plumber if a firm and large object is lodged in the pipe.
The assistance of a professional plumber is necessary if the clog is too deep or too severe in the pipe. If the clog develops due to a foreign object, it may stick in the pipe. In such case, a Singapore plumber can provide the best results.

To address a drain or toilet choke issue, a professional plumber may adopt several steps. The plumbing professional uses shorter or longer snake device depending on the issue. Some devices are designed to pull out choke from the pipe. But some other devices are designed to grind up the choke, which helps to pass the waste more easily through the pipe. These methods are effective for most cases. But, if a foreign object is lodged in the pipe such as toys of children, it is essential to remove a section of the pipe to take out the foreign object from the pipe.

Call the Right Plumbing Company

If you failed to solve drain choke issue on your own, you should seek the help of a plumbing company immediately. However, it is essential to call the right company for getting the best assistance. You should find a plumbing professional who can arrive at your home promptly and provide you fast service and fair rates. A drain choke is not often a plumbing emergency. But, it can be truly annoying. So, it is essential to address the problem as soon as possible. Therefore, you should seek the help of a professional who is ready to provide the service at any time irrespective of night, day or weekends.

Whenever you notice the first signs of drain and toilet choke, standard home remedy steps should be adopted. But it should be done if you are comfortable. If you are not able to do these steps or failed in your attempts, you should call a reputable Singapore plumber to solve the problem. The right plumbing company can provide you the service on time with minimum inconvenience. You should not leave your toilet choked for hours. It can cause lots of serious health problems to the family members. So, the problem should be addressed at the earliest.